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Tax Planning and Preparation

Effective tax preparation and planning can help you to minimize your future tax liability. At Remedy Tax Services we can help you proactively manage both your personal and your business tax issues.  Not all tax planning opportunities are readily apparent. By having us on your team, you are more likely to benefit from those opportunities. We understand how the latest federal, state and local tax legislation and other developments affect you and your business.

Expatriates Tax Service

If you’re planning a move abroad, or you’re already an expatriate, you have more to think about than adjusting to a new culture. Although it may be tempting, you must not ignore your U.S. taxes.

Every U.S. citizen – regardless of whether they are living in the U.S. – must file a tax return with the federal government.

The tax situation for expatriates is often complicated and frustrating. Many variables affect how much expatriates pay Uncle Sam – from whether you deduct your foreign taxes, to your host country, to your employment situation.

Fortunately, at Remedy Tax services we can help.

Acceptance Agent Services

An ITIN, also known as Taxpayer Identification Number, is a tax processing number. The ITIN can only be issued through a Certifying Acceptance Agent or the IRS. It is issued irrespective of migration status because both local and non-resident aliens may have a U.S reporting or filing requirement under the Internal Revenue Code. This nine-digit number is only available to people who are obliged to have a taxpayer identification number for tax purposes, but who don’t have or not qualified to get a SSN or Social Security Number from the Social Security Administration or SSA.

Real estate and Mortgage

We can advise you on your Real estate and Mortgage needs.

Business Setup

The legal structure you choose for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make in the startup process. Your choice of structure can greatly affect the way you run your business, impacting everything from liability and taxes, to control over the company. The key is to figure out which type of entity gives your business the most advantages when it comes to helping you to achieve your organizational and personal financial goals.

Common types of business structures and corporations include C corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships, S corporations, and sole proprietorships. Learn more about each type of business or corporation


We will advise you on your insurance needs and help you pick the right plan for you